This week’s Halo Bulletin is out, and here is a summary of what it contains:

-Halo 4 wins GeekWire Game of the Year (where that lovely picture above comes from).

-343’s Live Stream of the weapon tuning will be on May 17 at 2pm PDT at

-Pro players such as Ninja, Gh057ayame, and Neighbor will also be visiting to test the weapon tuning.

-Vehicle tuning was discussed, Warthog and Mantis will receive a chain gun buff.

-Next week’s Matchmaking Update will include a new playlist with all new maps created in Forge Island. The playlist will be available until June 3rd, when the weapon tuning update is set to release.

-Infinity Slayer and Big Team Slayer will also be receiving changes. Both will now include a Slayer Pro variant, and Complex will be removed from Infinity Slayer, and added to Big Team. In addition, map voting for both playlists has been reorganized to increase variety.

I can’t tell you how happy I am about the updates to Big Team and Infinity Slayer. I’ve wanted a Slayer Pro variant in both playlists, since they are simply more balanced and competitive than Infinity settings are. In addition, Complex was horrible for 4v4, so moving it to Big Team was a great decision. I’m interested in seeing how Complex plays for 8v8.

One thing I’m unsure about is the proposed vehicle update. As it stands, vehicles seem weak mostly because of loadouts, since everyone can spawn with a Plasma Pistol and Plasma Grenades. Removing those two weapons from loadouts solves the majority of issues with vehicles, but we’ll see how these more powerful vehicles work out.

To read the Bulletin in its entirety, click here