Today’s Thoughts on Halo 4 will be about the upcoming Weapon Update. As of now, here is the current weapon tuning update set for release on June 3rd:

-Battle Rifle will become a 4-shot kill (as in four 3-shot bursts, 11 total bullets)

-DMR’s red reticle range will be decreased when scoped in

-Light Rifle’s rate of fire when scoped in will be increased slightly

-Carbine will become a 7-shot kill (it is currently 8)

-Magnum will receive a slight buff in damage

-All automatic weapons will receive a buff in damage, but a reduction in aim assist and bullet magnetism

-Beam Rifle will receive a reduction in aim assist

-Warthog and Mantis chain gun will receive an increase in damage

These are the weapons mentioned in previous Halo Bulletins, unless of course I forgot about one, but I’m almost certain that this is the full list so far.

After playing Halo 4 for months, it is evident that the DMR is the best all around weapon in the game, there is no denying it. However, instead of simply nerfing the DMR, 343 decided to buff up the other weapons to be able to compete with the DMR, and I think that this is the right decision to make. Doing something like nerfing the DMR’s rate of fire or adding more bloom to the DMR would only increase overall kill times, which is not what Halo 4 needs. I’m not saying that Halo 4 should have COD kill times, not by any means, but kill times should not be too long and stagnant.

As for the BR, I believe that it should have been a 4-shot kill all along. It was a 4sk in Halo 2 and Halo 3, so it only makes sense for it to be a 4sk in Halo 4. Also, the reason that the BR will take 11 bullets to kill instead of 12 is due to online play. The potential lag factor makes a BR that takes 12 total bullets inconsistent, whereas a BR that takes 11 total bullets is much more consistent.

The Carbine as it is now, is really weak. It simply can’t compete with a BR or a DMR, or even a LR. Increasing the damage on the Carbine will make it useful for those who have a quick trigger finger and prefer the more precise shots that it provides compared to the BR.

I’m curious to see how the new Light Rifle will work, since it is already deadly when scoped in, and will be even more so with the increased rate of fire. The Light Rifle could become the go-to long range rifle in Halo 4.

This is how I see battles between precision weapons after the weapon update: The BR and Carbine will dominate mid range, the LR will dominate long range, and the DMR will become a utility weapon, good in any situation, but not the best.

The proposed automatics update is interesting to say the least. While they will be more powerful, they will be more difficult to aim, with the decrease in bullet magnetism and aim assist. This will make automatics take more skill to use, and players won’t be able to get away with spraying and praying as much.

The Magnum’s buff in damage will be nice, since it is a bit weak as it is right now. As for the Beam Rifle, the nerf in aim assist is longly overdue. It is a snapshot machine right now, this update will make it more difficult to pull of a snapshot.

In my previous post, I went over my thoughts on the vehicle update, so if you would like to know my thoughts on that matter, just scroll down!

So, that about wraps it up. For the most part, I’m on board with 343’s weapon tuning, and I am really looking forward to trying these new settings for myself. That’s all for now.