Just a friendly reminder that the weapon tuning update for Halo 4 will release next Monday, June 3rd. That’s a week from now! Holy crap! In case you are unaware of what will be changing, here is the basic rundown, courtesy of me:

-Battle Rifle will become a 4-shot kill (it is currently 5), and the rate of fire will be slightly slower

-DMR’s red reticle range will be decreased

-Carbine will become a 7-shot kill (currently 8), and will become slightly more accurate

-Light Rifle will fire faster when scoped in

-All automatic weapons (Assault Rifle, Storm Rifle, Suppressor) will do more damage, but their aim assist will be decreased, making them more difficult to aim

-Magnum will do slightly more damage

-Warthog and Mantis chain gun will do 35% more damage

So that’s about it. Mark your calendars, set reminders, wait in the Xbox Dashboard until June 3rd, whatever floats your boat. Just remember, June 3rd. Weapon tuning update. Be there, or be square.