It’s been a while since I shared my Thoughts on Halo 4, so I figured I’d share my opinions on Slayer Pro, the new voting option in Infinity Slayer and Big Team Infinity Slayer.

For those who don’t know, Slayer Pro was a separate playlist at launch, but was removed a few weeks later so it could be tweaked for more competitive play. The settings that were used were decent, but could have been better. Basically, there was a BR loadout, a DMR loadout, and an AR loadout, all with no Armor Abilities, and a Magnum as a secondary weapon. There was no radar, and it still had instant respawn.

This iteration of Slayer Pro is essentially the same as the Pro variant you see in Team Throwdown or Team Doubles, making it much more balanced and competitive. I am really glad that 343 decided to put a Slayer Pro voting option in Infinity Slayer and Big Team, since it adds more variety to the playlists.

While most people are happy to have Slayer Pro, others are not happy, but most of their complaints should be ignored. Most of these people don’t like Slayer Pro simply because they are getting outplayed. Badly. These people can’t get away with things like camo camping and using Boltshots to get cheap kills, and they’re upset since they can’t get kills in a balanced game mode. To these people, all I have to say is QUIT CRYING AND SUCK IT UP. Playing Slayer Pro will help you get better since it uses more balanced settings, so you won’t have to rely on cheap tactics to do well. If you keep at it, you can learn be effective without that Boltshot or without Camo or Jet Pack.

Now, I would say that Slayer Pro should just be its own playlist, but since Halo 4’s population is really low, it wouldn’t work, since the Slayer Pro playlist would probably have a couple hundred people playing on average. If the population was higher, I’d be all for a Slayer Pro playlist, but when the game can barely crack 30,000 people at any time, the last thing we need are more playlists.

There are a few valid complaints though. For instance, I agree with people who say that there needs to be radar in Big Team Slayer Pro, since the maps are much larger and there are vehicles everywhere. Also, there are very few weapons spawns on most of the maps, due to Infinity settings, so adding some weapon spawns on the maps would help.

Now, for the staple of Thoughts on Halo 4: the TL;DR version!

-Slayer Pro now more balanced with updated settings

-People whining about Slayer Pro need to just shut up and get better

-A separate playlist for Slayer Pro won’t work with Halo 4’s population

-Some complaints are valid (no radar in Big Team, few weapon spawns on maps)

So, that about does it. This seemed more like a rant, and it kind of is, oh well. On another note, after previewing this post before I publish it, I noticed that some paragraphs end with a single word on its own line (paragraphs 3 and 4). I despise that, but I don’t feel like changing around my wording to the sentence. Plus, it happens to me all the time, and it always pisses me off to no end. Okay, I’m done.