Today, I’ll provide my expert opinion on the much-anticipated weapon update for Halo 4, which was released today.

It took me a few games to get my bearings, both because I haven’t played Halo 4 for a few weeks, and that the weapons all behave differently, so it was almost like I was playing Halo 4 for the first time. After a few games, I was able to really get a feel for the newly tuned weapons, and I must say, it feels great.

The 4-shot BR is back baby, and it’s so satisfying to pull off that 4-shot kill. Also, the rate of fire was toned down a little, but it is hardly noticeable. Also, 2 shots from the BR followed by a melee will result in a kill.

The Carbine is a beast now, as opposed to the useless pellet gun it used to be. You can drop people in a flash with the newly updated Carbine, so long as your aim is steady, of course.

The Light Rifle’s scoped rate of fire is much, much faster, meaning people will drop like flies if you can hit your shots. I’d say it still takes the most skill to use the Light Rifle, but those who can master it will be rewarded with an extremely deadly weapon.

The DMR is essentially the same, but now it doesn’t outclass every other weapon, so the DMR isn’t the go-to weapon like it used to be.

I didn’t get a chance to try the Storm Rifle or Suppressor, but the Assault Rifle is pretty powerful up close, but it definitely takes much more skill to use, since it is more difficult to aim now. In the right hands it is a deadly close quarters weapon, no longer a noob weapon. Also, the SAW was updated, and it is a terror now. It will make swiss cheese out of anyone that stands in its path. The SAW is truly a power weapon now.

I also didn’t get to try the updated chain guns for the Warthog or Mantis, as I didn’t play Big Team today, but I’m sure that they tear people apart now.

Also of note, base player movement was increased to 110% which is nice. This also makes the Thruster Pack more useful, since it is dependent on player movement.

343 also updated many of the maps, like Haven, Adrift, and Abandon. They changed around some of the spawns and added more weapon spawns to the maps. I really thought this was needed, since weapons were pretty scarce in game modes that didn’t use Personal Ordnance.

Right now, the only thing that I think needs to be addressed is the shield recharge rate. With this weapon update, Halo 4 is now much more fast paced, so shields should also recharge faster. Simply using the Shielding perk won’t help, since that simply increases the rate at which your shield gets to full. What needs to be addressed is the rate between when a player loses his/her shields, to when their shields begin to recharge. As it stands right now, it takes too long for shields to recharge, so I’m often having to find cover and wait for my shields to recharge. Decreasing the time it takes for shields to begin recharging by a second or two would do the trick.

So overall, I think that the weapon update was a success. The weapons are much more balanced now, and the game is more fast paced than it was. I think 343 did an excellent job with this update, give them a round of applause. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Okay, that’s all. I’m out.