So yeah, I’m back (sort of). I’m still not really playing Halo, but I’m at least interested in keeping up with news and stuff, so expect me to actually post crap here again. However, I’m going back to school soon, so I can’t guarantee the frequency of my posting of said crap, so if a few days or a week goes by without me posting something, don’t freak out and think I’m on another hiatus (NOT AGAIN AHHHH). The only time you’ll know I’m on a hiatus from here is if I actually post something saying “I’M ON A HIATUS LOL” so don’t worry.

Now how about some Halo talk. Why not right? I haven’t downloaded the Champions Bundle, but I’ve seen some gameplay of Ricochet, and I must say, it looks to be a pretty cool game mode. Also, can’t complain about a Pit remake, it was one of my favorite maps! I haven’t decided if I will download the Bundle, since I got the Map Pass with my Limited Edition of Halo 4 and I didn’t think it was worth it since the DLC maps hardly ever show up in matchmaking. That being said, I did hear that Ricochet will eventually be free to everyone, so I am looking forward to (eventually) playing some Ricochet!

I haven’t really been following or even playing in the Global Championship, mainly because I can’t register because of where I live (thanks 343!), but whatever. Not like I would have gotten far anyway.

So there you have it, my triumphant return to my own site. Again, I probably won’t post here as frequently as I used to, but at least you can expect updates on a semi-frequent basis. Yay!