What up peeplez I’m here to talk about my thoughts on the future of Halo 4’s Multiplayer, so yeah, here we go!

As we all know, Halo 4’s population has dropped significantly since release, going from a staggering 410,534 peak population (highest) to 30,236 today (these numbers are courtesy of HaloCharts.com). Now, it is to be expected that a game’s online population will decline over time, but the rate at which Halo 4’s population has dropped is very concerning. Also, the biggest drop-off occurred on November 13th, when a certain game was released *cough Black Ops 2 cough*

Now, add the fact that the Xbox One and PS4 will be set to release later this year, along with popular games like COD Ghosts and Battlefield 4, and that could spell even more trouble for Halo 4. I’m not saying that online will look like the above image (dead), but there is potential of even more of a decline. So here’s the question; can Halo 4 be saved? Or is it doomed?

Honestly, I don’t think there is much 343 can do for Halo 4. They’re already doing about as much as they can, with releasing a weapon update, along with more maps, weapon skins, and even a new game mode. It just seems many people already moved on from Halo 4, and have gone on to games like Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3 to get their FPS fix, which is a shame, since Halo 4 is much improved now compared to what it was at launch.

I think Halo 4’s biggest problem at launch was that there wasn’t enough variety in playlists and maps. I can’t remember the exact number, but there were about 10 playlists at launch, and about the same number of maps, and many of the playlists were redundant or just half-assed (Slayer Pro). Also, many of the launch maps simply aren’t that good (I’m looking at you Complex, YOU SUCK).

So what can we do? There really isn’t much we can do. We can try to get friends who gave up on Halo 4 to give it another chance, but that’s about it. I know it sucks that this post is painting a bleak outlook on not only Halo 4, but Halo in general, but I don’t want to lie and say everything will be hunky-dory when it probably won’t be. My prediction on the future of Halo will be that it will sell well, but most people will play it for the Campaign, and not much else. The Multiplayer numbers probably won’t be able to compete with the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, and don’t forget that Titanfall and the Star Wars Battlefront reboot will take some players as well.

I’m not trying to make this post sound like me whining and crying “wahh Halo is dead wahh” since I actually like Halo 4, but let’s be real. A lot of people don’t like Halo 4, and the population numbers clearly indicate that. And on that note, this marks the end of this post, and now I’m sad. Until next time, I’m out. See ya.