So this week’s bulletin talks about the final round of the Global Championship, which starts on Friday. In addition, it mentions the upcoming matchmaking update, and it includes the addition of the Ricochet playlist. I am really looking forward to trying out Ricochet, since I haven’t gotten to try it yet. I’ve heard that it is really fun, so I can’t wait to try it out.

The Infinity Slayer playlist will also be receiving some new additions, switching out Slayer Pro for a game mode that is simply called Team Slayer. Basically, it is Infinity Slayer without personal/random ordnance. I think this is a nice middle ground for everyone, since many people like having personal loadouts, but do not like the personal/random ordnance. Legendary BR’s will also be added to Infinity Slayer, which is just like Legendary Slayer, but everyone starts with BR’s.

One thing about the Infinity Slayer update; if they are adding all these new game modes, why not rename the playlist to Team Slayer? It makes far more sense, since the playlist isn’t just Infinity Slayer anymore, but those are just my two cents.

Oh yeah, here’s the actual bulletin for ya.