So I finally got to try out Ricochet now that 343 has made it available to everyone, and I must say, it is a freaking blast. Ricochet is the most fun I’ve had playing Halo 4 in a while.

For those who are unaware of how the game works, it is almost like a mix of Grifball, Oddball, and Capture the Flag. The ball spawns in a predetermined location, where teams try to take the ball and either throw it or run it into the opposing team’s goal. Running it in for a score gets your team 50 points, while throwing it gets your team 20 points, and the score limit is set to 200. You can also intercept passes aimed at your goal, so if you see the ball sailing toward your goal, jump for it!

This gametype is really fun, whether you play Halo casually, or competitively. Hearing the multiplayer announcer shout “GOOOOAAAAAALLL!!!” whenever your team scores is such a great feeling. Games can get really intense if the score is close and time is winding down, adding to the excitement of this already exciting game mode.

My first game was actually not so good. I joined a game in progress, and my team was of course down by a lot. We ended up getting shut out since the other team was well organized. Plus, I hadn’t played online in a while, so I had to shake the rust off a bit. Pretty much every game afterward was awesome. I can’t say enough about how great Ricochet is.

So overall, I think Ricochet is an outstanding new game mode for Halo 4. If you haven’t tried it yet, go try it. Seriously, you’re missing out on some great fun. Go play Ricochet. It’s amazing!