Holy crap was there a lot of info in this week’s bulletin! Most of it pertained to the upcoming consolidation of playlists for Halo 4, and here’s what the playlist selection will look like starting the week of 9/30:

8v8 – Big Team Battle
5v5 – Capture the Flag
4v4 – Infinity Slayer (may be renamed to Team Slayer)
4v4 – SWAT
4v4 – Action Sack
4v4 – Team Snipers (next update on 9/30)
4v4 – Ricochet (next update on 9/16)
2v2 – Team Doubles (next update on 9/16)
8-player FFA – Rumble Pit
10-player FFA – Flood
Community Playlist: 4v4 – Team Throwdown (next update in October)
Community Playlist: 4v4 – Grifball

Notice that the first one is named “Big Team Battle”. Big Team Slayer and Big Team Skirmish are being merged into one super duper playlist like it used to be. In addition, Multi-Team, Dominion, and the Champions DLC playlist will be removed.

Also, there will be a rotational playlist that changes every two weeks. Following is the tentative schedule of playlists:

9/30 – King of the Hill
10/14 – Oddball
10/28 – Forge Playlist (specifics coming soon)
11/11 – Multi-Team
11/25 – Dominion
12/9 – Race
12/23 – Rocket Race

See that on 12/9. Is that a Race playlist I see? I’ve wanted a Race playlist since Halo 3, and now it is going to happen! I will now be eagerly waiting for 12/9 to do some racing! Also, Rocket Race is back!

Another important update is that the Infinity Slayer playlist will require the Majestic Map Pack starting on 9/16. I’m glad to see this, since it feels like I wasted my money on the map packs since they never freaking show up in matchmaking. It will be nice to actually play on the maps I bought for once.

And this was just a portion of the bulletin! I told you there was a crapload of info! Go here to read the whole damn thing!