What is happening everyone today’s post will be how I think Halo 5 multiplayer can be successful. Before I start, let me be clear. I do not consider Halo 4’s multiplayer a failure. However, it was not a resounding success as clearly indicated by the, for lack of better term, pathetic player population these days. That being said, 343 now knows what works and what doesn’t work, so they can apply this to Halo 5 and make it even better.

First of all, a multiplayer beta is an ABSOLUTE MUST. This way, we can help 343 catch some game breaking glitches and bugs if they did not already fix them. Plus, we can offer feedback on what needs to be tweaked or even removed before release. A beta for Halo 5 would benefit greatly for the game.

Flinch needs to be removed and descope needs to be brought back, without question. For those who don’t know, flinch is when you are scoped in and when getting shot at, your reticle moves up and down. In previous Halos, getting shot while scoped in knocked you out of scope, hence descope. This was much more balanced and far less annoying than flinch, and not having descope makes snipers far too powerful at long range, since it is much easier to use the sniper with flinch instead of descope.

Ranked and Unranked playlists ala Halo 3 also need to return. Currently, every playlist in Halo 4 is ranked by CSR, and that is not ideal since many people do not want super competitive matches every time. Some people like to just kick back and relax while they’re playing Halo. Conversely, before CSR, none of the playlists were ranked, and that was no good either since the competitive crowd likes competitive matches and ranking up. That being said, having some ranked playlists and some unranked playlists gives us the best of both worlds. Also, it should be without question that ranks be visible in-game, not only visible on Waypoint. That is no bueno.

As for Armor Abilities, I would like for them to stay, at least in unranked games. I think they can add a nice twist to gameplay. However, Camo needs to get the hell outta the Armor Abilities and back to the on-map powerups where it belongs. But if 343 does decide to remove Armor Abilities all together, I would be okay with it.

The same goes for loadouts. I like being able to spawn with what weapon I want, but I get that the competitive crowd does not care for them, so maybe unranked playlists could have custom loadouts, and ranked playlists have either no loadouts, or a select few like Slayer Pro in Halo 4.

On the other hand, I feel that Armor Mods need to go. They are nothing more than the perks you see in Call of Duty, and they don’t have much place in Halo. In addition, they don’t offer much to gameplay, so please ditch the Armor Mods. And instant respawn. Keep that crap the hell away from Halo 5.

A hotly debated issue in Halo 4 is sprint vs no sprint. I for one like having sprint in Halo, since I no longer feel like a walking tank. I just don’t get the hate for sprint, and I think it is just competitive players hanging on desperately to outdated game mechanics. Sprint is not detrimental to Halo in any way, so I see no reason to get rid of it.

Obviously, I know that 343 will add some new features and mechanics to Halo 5, but since we have absolutely no idea what they are, I can’t really say much about them other than keep them balanced.

So, asides from adding some badass new maps, weapons, and game modes, that about does it. I think that if 343 did something like this with Halo 5, the multiplayer would be just fine. Would it see population numbers like Halo 2 and Halo 3? Hell no, but it certainly wouldn’t drop off so suddenly like Halo 4 did. I think it would be more like Reach’s population. Not that high, but respectable over its life span.

And with that, I have concluded. This was the longest post I’ve made in a while. My fingers are tired from typing now. I should probably make a TL;DR version of this. Well, here it is.

TL;DR version


2. Flinch out, descope in

3. Ranked and Unranked playlists plz

4. Armor Abilities remain, at least in Unranked playlists

5. Pretty much the same thing with loadouts

6. Armor Mods can GTFO. Same goes with Instant Respawn

7. Sprint should be in Halo 5

Huh, that’s 7 points for the TL;DR version. Bungie would be proud.