Hey everyone, it’s me! Since you probably assumed that I was dead since I haven’t posted here in a while, let me confirm that I am, in fact, alive and well. Anyways, I wanted to do a Thoughts on Halo 4 for once since I haven’t done one in a long time. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the brand spankin’ new Race playlist. Yeah!

It’s really cool to have a Race playlist. I’ve wanted one since the Halo 3 days when Race was nothing more than a modified King of the Hill variant. Odd enough, Halo 4’s new Race game mode is a variant of Capture the Flag. Not sure why, but that’s not important. What is important is that there is an official Race game mode now. It is quite similar to Reach’s version of Race; you have to pass each checkpoint to gain a point, and after a certain amount of laps, the race ends when the guy in first crosses the last checkpoint.

One thing that I found to be weird was the scoring. Each checkpoint is 1 point, but after the race ends, the winner will have 1000 points, the 2nd place racer may have 800, 3rd place may have 600, and so on. In addition, one race I was clearly in 4th place, as it said in the corner of the screen, but when the race ended, it said I finished in 8th, and only had 40something points. The scoring doesn’t make much sense, but it isn’t that big of a deal since it is supposed to be a fun, casual game mode.

Another thing is that the maps, or racetracks as I should say, are lacking. As it is right now, there are only three tracks to choose from (Longbow, Vortex, Ragnarok), five if you count the two DLC maps (Outcast and Daybreak), which will never show up since no one downloads Halo DLC for whatever reason. Seriously? There are hundreds of awesome, community-made racetracks to choose from, and all we get are default maps with some checkpoints thrown on there? I suppose it could be because 343 wants to test the game mode a little more before possibly adding more tracks. If they even add more since the playlist will only be around for a limited time.

Despite the lack of variety in racetracks and confusing scoring system, Race is very fun. I would definitely recommend giving it a try before it’s gone. I’m glad we finally have a Race playlist in Halo, even if it is for a short time.

So, that’ll do it for this post. If I don’t post again this year, which is very likely, then I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season, and a Happy New Year! See you in 2014!