Today at Gamescom in Germany, 343 revealed some more info regarding The Master Chief Collection, as well as some other Halo-related content.

Starting with The Master Chief Collection, they revealed some juicy information:

  • Sanctuary was confirmed to be one of the six remastered maps for Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer.
  • Each Halo multiplayer in the MCC will have a Halo 2-style ranking system.

I was honestly expecting Sanctuary to be one of the remastered maps, since it was one of Halo 2’s most popular maps, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that the MCC will have Halo 2-style ranks. I guess it makes sense since this is Halo 2’s tenth anniversary, after all, but it is still good news for competitive players. As long as cheaters don’t run rampant (which I am sure they won’t, since 343 and Microsoft will make it nearly impossible to get away with it), then I’m all for Halo 2’s ranking system in the MCC. One thing I am hoping for is that not all playlists are ranked. I don’t want a repeat of Halo 4, where every playlist was ranked, and eventually, every match I played would be a sweaty tryhard battle of the ages. Keep some playlists ranked and some unranked, and everyone will be happy.

Another interesting reveal was The Halo Channel, which will launch in November on Xbox One. 343 has referred to it as “Your new home for all things Halo”, which sounds to me like it will be the Xbox One’s version of the Halo Waypoint app for Xbox 360. Wasn’t expecting it, but still a cool feature that we will have come November.

Some big news was revealed for the Halo 5: Guardians beta. According to 343, the beta will be focused on 4v4 arena combat. They want the beta to be a focus on traditional Halo gameplay, which means, no custom loadouts and smaller maps. 343 seems to be taking fan feedback to heart and gearing Halo 5 more toward the competitive arena gameplay. I am definitely excited to hear this, because Halo is first and foremost, a competitive arena shooter. I’m looking forward to trying out the beta in December. Oh yeah, the beta will last three weeks. Whoo!

Well, that about does it. I think 343 made a lot of Halo fans happy today, and I am one of them. As long as 343 follows up on these promises, Halo has a bright future on the Xbox One.