Hey party peeplez I wanted to talk about something that I’ve kind of been thinking about, and that is the Weapon Sets that were seen in Halo 2 Anniversary. For those unaware, it appears that Halo 2 Anniversary will include what 343 is calling Weapon Sets. Now, they don’t appear to be like Custom Loadouts that we saw in Halo 4 where we could choose what weapon, Armor Ability, and perks to spawn with; rather, they seem to be just a way to choose a different weapon to spawn with. Here is a screenshot.


It appears that we will only be able to choose our starting weapon and maybe grenades. In addition, there are only three to choose from, and they do not include more powerful weapons like the Battle Rifle or Carbine.

I should point out that this will obviously only be in Halo 2 Anniversary. The original Halo 2 multiplayer will be exactly the way it always was. Except at 1080p and 60fps. But that’s good. We want that.

Anyways, This seems to be a fair compromise between equal starts and full blown custom loadouts. I do like being able to choose what weapon I spawn with, but Halo 4 took it a bit too far in what we could choose to spawn with. Perks just did not belong in Halo, and Armor Abilities have met a mixed reception since they were introduced in Reach. However, I imagine that these Weapon Sets will only be available in some game modes.

I am curious if Weapon Sets will be in Halo 5. Perhaps they will be available in the beta, and based on how players react to them, 343 will decide to keep them or remove them completely. I think that if Weapon Sets were in Unranked game modes, and equal starts were in Ranked matches, then people would be okay with it, since Ranked matches are very competitive, and equal starts make for more competitive matches.

Well, that’s about it for this post. I’ve been thinking about some ideas for my site and potential changes I may make. I haven’t made any decisions yet, as I am still thinking this over. However, I’ll likely create a post detailing my thoughts soon. These changes won’t be anything drastic, just stuff like charging you $10 for every post you read.

Okay, I was joking about that last part. I’m gonna stop now.