So, there’s a lot of achievements to get in The Master Chief Collection. Like, a whole lot. An absolute metric buttload. How much is a metric buttload, you ask? How about ≈400 achievements worth 4,000 gamerscore? Yeah, that’s a lot of achievements, so good luck to the completionists and achievement hunters out there, because you will have your hands full with this one.

I’m sure they’re up to the challenge.

I’m not going to list every single achievement from The Master Chief Collection, because I’m just far too lazy to do so. Instead, if you want to see all the achievements in the game, go visit this page on IGN, since they were kind enough to list all of them.

What I will do, however, is list how many achievements are in each game, since each of the Halo games has its own set of achievements. There are also a set of achievements that can be unlocked across all four games, which are part of the Overall Achievements. So here we go.

Overall: 72 achievements worth 875 gamerscore

Halo CE: 92 achievements worth 855 gamerscore

Halo 2: 111 achievements worth 1005 gamerscore

Halo 3: 76 achievements worth 695 gamerscore

Halo 4: 51 achievements worth 570 gamerscore

If you go through the achievement list, you’ll notice some familiar achievements from the past, as well as many new ones to unlock. Either way, this achievement list will keep many Halo fans very busy until the release of Halo 5. I would like to say that 343 Industries missed a great opportunity here. They should have gone with 343 total achievements  since that would have been neat, but I digress.

I’m seriously really excited for this game. This could be the best game of 2014, or at least in the discussion due to all the content that will be jam-packed onto the disc. This will without a doubt be a must-buy for all Xbox One owners and Halo fans alike.