Earlier today, 343 Industries announced the Halo Championship Series, or HCS for short. It will be the go-to Halo eSports experience starting with the release of The Master Chief Collection. 343i has teamed up with ESL and Twitch to bring Halo fans a quality eSports environment for Halo that hasn’t been seen since Halo’s MLG days.

halo-championship-series-module_v2-b95e0595673e496ea6faa09e19ec6f22This will likely mean that we won’t see Halo on the MLG Pro Circuit anytime soon, or ever again, but with HCS, there shouldn’t be any need for MLG in order for competitive Halo to thrive. League of Legends has their LCS, and it is hugely successful. Assuming that HCS will be as successful as LCS is a bit of wishful thinking, because League of Legends is one of the most popular games in the entire world, and has a larger fanbase. However, it is very possible that HCS will see success similar to Halo’s popularity while on the MLG Pro Circuit. Plus, the Halo 4 Global Championship was quite successful, so there is no reason to doubt that 343i can’t pull it off again.

HCS Tournaments will still be 4v4, and the first tournament will begin shortly after the release of The Master Chief Collection. Starting in November, there will be a preseason, and the regular season will run until March 2015, when teams that accumulated the most points during the season will compete for the Championship.

It is safe to say that competitive Halo fans are really excited for HCS. They were already looking forward to the return of classic Halo, and this video captures that excitement.

What about you? Are you excited for HCS? If you are a fan of Halo eSports, what are you looking forward to most?