DISCLAIMER: This list of suggestions should be taken into account only AFTER 343i has fixed the current issues with multiplayer. Their complete focus should be on fixing multiplayer right now, and only after they have accomplished this, should they make changes like the ones you’ll see here.

Hey everybody! I was thinking about how MCC multiplayer could be improved upon, other than improving matchmaking times, keeping parties together, reducing lag, and all the other issues currently present in the game. But once 343i fixes all these problems, I think that some of these suggestions would make multiplayer a lot better!

  1. Replace current voting system with a Halo 3-esque veto system

    If I had to choose just one of these suggestions in this post, it would be this one. I thought Halo 3’s veto system was excellent. It provided variety, but also gave players the power to choose what to play as well. With the current voting system, the same maps and gametypes always get voted for. How many times have you already played Team BRs on one of the more popular Halo maps? The MCC has over one hundred maps, and with the current voting system, we only get to experience a few of them. It is a bit out of hand. I like variety when playing Halo. Give me some Objective game modes on some less popular maps, or regular Team Slayer. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Team BRs, but that doesn’t mean I want 24/7 Team BRs either. A veto system would provide more variety since there would be one game mode in the voting screen, and the majority of players would have to veto it to get another game mode, and there is no way to know what it would be. There is a reason that fans have been asking for the veto system to return since it was replaced in Halo: Reach. It is simply better.

  2. Add a File Browser

    I’m pretty sure 343i has already said that they will be adding a File Browser, but it goes without saying that we need one. How else are we going to find fun game modes, cool maps, and funny screenshots? Granted, it has already been difficult to find good screenshots over the past few years due to clan spam, but it still worked. You’d think that after Halo 4 launched without a File Browser, 343i would make sure to have The MCC launch with one.

  3. Add a Custom Game Browser

    This is another feature that fans have been wanting in Halo for some time. How great would it be to be able to see which Custom Games people are playing, and be able to join at any time? Now, it goes without saying that there should be privacy options for Custom Games, like either make it open to anyone, friends only, or invite only, much like it is now, but anyone who has their Custom Game lobby set to open to anyone would have their game show up in the browser, and anyone could join in on the action. No longer would you have to invite random people for Custom Games or browse random websites to find people. All you’d have to do is create an open Custom Game, and wait for people to join. A Custom Game browser could also create great opportunities for popular gaming personalities to have community playdates with fans, or 343i could have days where they have open lobbies to play Halo with fans. There is a lot of potential in a Custom Game browser.

  4. Add more fun playlists to matchmaking

    I’m sure this will happen, but still, we could use some more casual game modes. How about a playlist that includes some of the crazy gametypes from each game? Think about it. Halo 2’s Pit of Joy, Halo 3’s Team Sumo, Halo 4’s Binary Slayer, and all the other fun Action Sack gametypes from Halo, all in one playlist! Sign me up! You know what, just add that playlist right now. I don’t care if matchmaking is still dicey. I NEED this playlist in my life now!

  5. Add more maps to Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer

    This is a long shot, since it has been stated that there won’t be anymore remastered maps for H2A. However, seeing how the launch for The MCC was a bit of a sh*tstorm (to put it lightly), it wouldn’t surprise me if we got some free remastered maps for H2A. More maps is always better, especially if those maps look really nice like the current H2A maps do.

Well, that about wraps things up here. A lot of these suggestions might be better suited for Halo 5, since 343i’s main priority is getting the game working properly right now, and it might just be too late for some of these additions to make it in The MCC now, but I think it would still be nice to see these added into the game. If you have any suggestions on how MCC multiplayer could be improved on once 343i gets things fixed, leave a comment below. Alright, bye.