Yooo, so, Halo 5’s ranking system was revealed, and from the looks of it, it seems like it will be pretty good! It appears that Halo 5 will actually have two ranking systems in place, a Competitive Skill Rating (CSR), and Spartan Ranks (SR). This image shows both ranking systems in place, so, at least for now, Halo 5 will be using both systems.


As for how CSR will work, seems to be similar to how the ranking system in Halo: Reach was, as well as the ranking systems seen in Starcraft and League of Legends. Players will get placed into a tier based on their skill level, and will have a chance to move up to the next tier and increase their CSR. There will be 7 tiers, with the last two tiers called Semi-Pro, and Pro. As you might expect, the Pro tier is reserved for the best of the best, as in only the top 200 players in the world will reach Pro tier. The lower tiers will likely be something along the lines of Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Onyx.

Spartan Ranks look like they will be identical to SR in Halo 4, where you leveled up based on gaining XP and simply playing the game. Hopefully there will be more Spartan Ranks than there were in Halo 4, since it was quite easy to get to SR-130.

I think that this provides players with the best of both worlds, meaning, that competitive players have CSR to motivate them and keep them playing, while SR will provide a progression-based system for the more casual players to focus on. It seems like 343i has put a lot of thought into Halo 5’s ranks, and I think that they have done a great job in creating this ranking system. Now, we just have to hope that they work as intended!

Two weeks until the Halo 5 beta!