What’s up people! Now that the Halo 5 Beta has, sadly, come to an end, now would be a good time to give my final impressions on what we experienced. I’ll try to keep this brief, since I could easily write a novel about my thoughts on the H5 Beta. Here we go!

Spartan Abilities

I liked most of the Spartan Abilities and thought that they were quite balanced. With the exception of Slide, I thought that each of them served their purpose and were very useful. The only Spartan Ability that I didn’t like was Smart Scope. I stand by what I said in my initial thoughts, which can be found here. I really tried to like it, but I just don’t. I really don’t.

As for Sprint, I personally don’t mind having Sprint, but it could use some tweaks. For instance, Sprint should not be unlimited. It should only last for a short period of time, like it did in Halo 4. Also, you should get knocked out of Sprint as soon as you take damage. That would help avoid having instances where someone could easily run away from a fight. I know that a lot of people hate Sprint, but it probably isn’t going away. I wouldn’t mind if it did, but I’m also okay if it stays as well.

The rest of the Spartan Abilities I found to be very good in their current state. Could some of them use a few tweaks? Yeah, probably, but they aren’t in serious need of an overhaul. Overall, I dig the new Spartan Abilities.


Right off the bat, I could tell that the AR and the SMG were much more useful in H5. I like it. The only thing that needs to change is that neither weapon should have headshot bonus. That should only be reserved for precision weapons. Remove headshot bonus from the AR and SMG, and they’re perfect.

The BR feels great, but the rate of fire seems a tad bit too high. If 343i lowers it just a teeny bit, I think it will be better. The DMR is pretty good too, but to me, it seems like it is a little more difficult to aim. I like that, since that way, it isn’t an easy weapon to get kills with, but rewards skilled players. The Magnum is great, and definitely rewards players with good aim. I love the new Light Rifle. It is the go-to long-range weapon that isn’t a Sniper Rifle.

The Rocket Launcher, aside from the generic look to it, is good. I’d prefer if it looked like the good ole SPNKR though.


The Sword is fine, both the normal version and the Prophet’s Bane. The Sniper seems way too easy to use, but I think that has to do with the crazy amount of bullet magnetism in Halo 5. 343i needs to tone that down. Also, the Sniper scope is slow to zoom in compared to previous Halos, due to Smart Scope. This is another reason why I think Smart Scope needs to go. As for the Hydra Launcher, I wasn’t a big fan. Often times, it wouldn’t lock on, and hip-firing is practically useless.


I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Truth > Empire > Regret > Eden > Orion > Dog Turd > Pegasus

Truth just needs to be shrunken down a bit and it’s perfect. Empire could use some different power weapons and it would play a lot better. Regret needs to have a lot of the cover at top mid removed, and Eden is just weird with all the catwalks. Orion is okay, but has too many power weapons and the sun is too bright. Pegasus is trash. That is all.

As for the Breakout maps, I preferred Crossfire over Trench, but they were both quite similar, and I liked them both.


Due to Smart Scope, players are at an advantage if they use the Default button layout because Smart Scope is on the Left Trigger on Default. This allows players to quickly scope back in after getting descoped very easily. I would just like to have customizable button layouts for once. It is 2015 for crying out loud! This should definitely be a thing by now.


As I’ve stated numerous times, the concept of CSR is great, just so long as it works properly in the final game. It didn’t in the beta, so let’s hope it does once Halo 5 is released.

As for Spartan Ranks (the Progression Ranks), they’re a bit boring. I’d like to see a return of military-style ranks like from Halo: Reach instead.


We don’t need an in-game description from the announcer on how to play the game. It isn’t necessary. Some of the new medals in H5 are cool, like Perfect Kill and Reversal, but there are a lot of worthless medals as well, like the Generic Kill medal and how practically every weapon kill gives you a medal. Remember, less is more in this instance. Medals should mean something.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I really liked what I saw from Halo 5. It felt more like a natural evolution of Halo, but it still retains that core Halo experience that we all know and love. I went back and played some Halo MCC a few days ago, and it felt so slow compared to Halo 5. Now, that may have been because it was H2A BTB on Bloodline, but still, it felt slow. It was just weird going back to classic-style Halo after playing Halo 5 for three weeks. I still love me some classic Halo, but I am also looking forward to Halo 5 for sure. I think 343i has something here, and Halo 5 has a ton of potential to be the best Halo in years, so long as the right adjustments are made.

So, that’s it for now. Until next time, I’m out.