Hey, remember Twitch Plays Pokemon? Well, for those who don’t, it is a live stream on Twitch.tv where viewers could essentially play Pokemon by entering corresponding commands in the chat, such as up to move up, down to move down, start to open the menu, etc. Well, someone has applied this concept to Halo, and Twitch users are running through the Halo: CE campaign!

I’ve only been able to watch for a little bit, but at the time of me typing this, they are on the second level, Halo, and they are in the Warthog. I’m honestly impressed that they were able to get this far.

I don’t know what difficulty they are playing on, but I’d have to guess that it is either on Easy or Normal, as anything above that would be downright impossible.

If you want to watch, or even participate, go ahead and visit the stream here!