Well hi there! Say, do you wanna see what my proposed Halo 5 playlists would be? No? Don’t be silly, of course you do! So, sit down and let’s get started!

Now, as we all know, Halo 5’s current playlist selection is a bit limited. However, 343 has been adamant in saying that they will be adding more playlists to the game frequently. Also, I believe that 343 didn’t want another repeat of Halo MCC and have extremely slow matchmaking, so 343 just provided the essential playlists at launch.

That being said, here’s the rundown of what I’d like to see in the future. In short, I’d like to see more playlists and a healthy mix of ranked and unranked playlists in Arena and a co-op mode.



  • Team Arena – Mostly fine the way it is, but I’d like to see Breakout removed from this playlist because it is such a drastically different experience compared to normal Halo 5 Arena. I would also like to see the classics return such as Oddball and King of the Hill.
  • Team Slayer – Fine the way it is.
  • Breakout – Not a huge fan of Breakout, but it’s okay as it is.
  • Free-For-All – Please, for the love of God, reduce FFA to 6 players. It is way too chaotic at 8 players. There should also be more game modes such as Oddball, King of the Hill, and Regicide.
  • Team Doubles – As long as it is a mix of Slayer and Objective, it will be a fine playlist in Halo 5.


  • SWAT – I’d be interested in seeing how SWAT DMRs plays, but other than that, it is fine as it is.
  • Big Team Battle – Obviously, I would like to see some more maps for BTB, but 343 will certainly add more at some point. Also add a few Objective modes like Assault.
  • Team Snipers – Goes without saying that people love Team Snipers, and it should be in Halo 5.
  • Action Sack – Halo 5 needs those wacky game modes back to break away from the competitive nature of the game.
  • Multi-Team – An often overlooked playlist, it can be a nice change of pace and can get very hectic (but in a good way).
  • Ricochet – Think about it: Ricochet with all the new abilities like Thrusters, Charge, and Ground Pound? Sign me up!
  • Weekend Social – Any playlist that 343 want to add in for the weekend and Double XP.


  • Warzone – Overall, it is okay as it is. More maps would always be nice, but the same could be said about the game in general. I’d also like to see more variety in the map layout because the current maps all have kind of the same feel to me.
  • Warzone Assault – 343 recently made some tweaks to help improve the game mode. I haven’t gotten to try it yet because I’ve been mostly playing BTB, but I’d be okay with this playlist staying, or being combined with Warzone. Either/or.
  • A Warzone co-op game mode – Other than Campaign, Halo 5 lacks a co-op mode. Since Warzone already uses friendly and enemy AI, it should be feasible for 343 to create a co-op mode from Warzone. It would likely be a Firefight-type mode, and I’d be perfectly fine with that.

Not including Weekend Social since it isn’t a permanent playlist, this would put Halo 5 at 14 total playlists. I’m not sure if that would be a bit too much and cause slow matchmaking times, but I’ll just assume that it would not cause problems. This selection of playlists would give more variety and options for the player.

What about you? What playlist(s) do you want to be added to Halo 5? Leave a comment below with what you want to see in Halo 5!

That about does it for now. Until next time.